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Why NetSuite?

Recognized as the best cloud based system
  • Real-time visibility
  • Reduces IT costs by 50% or more
  • Improves use of finances and operations
  • Improves productivity and increased efficiency
  • Increasessales
Supports front-office and back-office
  • Central financial management, always on time
  • 20% -50% accelerated financial closure
  • Reduces invoicing costs
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Optimizes inventory levels
Uses Business Intelligence solutions
  • Improves efficiency and productivity of financial operations
  • Shortens cycle from orders to payments by over 50%
  • Revenue and subscription recognition models
  • Reduces of costs due to order consolidation

Oracle's NetSuite is the best cloud-based ERP system (according to Finances Online). Is a complete and fully scalable solution designed for rapidly growing enterprises.

It provides the tools needed to accelerate business growth and stimulate innovation. The system fully supports the company's operations and automates both front-office and back-office processes, including: finance, revenue, fixed assets, orders, inventory and invoicing.

NetSuite allows to streamline processes, reduce time and reduce the amount of resources needed to accelerate growth. It supports innovation and maintains the company's competitiveness.

NetSuite - ERP in the cloud is more than just access to the system from anywhere in the world at any time. It also means low system implementation and maintenance costs and quick launching. What's more, the solution is easily scalable. At each stage, it is possible to quickly adapt the entire infrastructure to the current size of the company and its needs. It easily integrates with other systems via API connections. The system from Oracle is also facilitated cooperation between employees in many locations.

NetSuite is a guarantee of uninterrupted and secure work with the system. Service support is offered 24/7. Thanks to the cloud solution, you always work on the current version of the system, and your and your company's data are secured.

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Our solutions modern IT tools

  • Sales and distribution
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Project management
  • Customer relationship management – CRM
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Demand planning
  • Quality management
NetSuite accelerates the process from orders to payments, linking sales, finances and execution to prices, sales order management and returns. NetSuite helps strengthen the position of business partners as an extension of sales organization, making it easier for them to sell products and services
NetSuite ERP enables organizations to manage IT costs, optimize accounting performance, streamline order management and procurement processes, eliminate manual, intensive reports based on spreadsheets, and increase employee productivity.
NetSuite means more effective company management thanks to integrated project management, tracking and reporting. It allows to automate project creation when specific services are sold. Additionally, it allows you to automatically track the completion percentage, budget and time spent on project tasks. Utilization and backlog reports help you analyze your workload and performance. Key benefits […]
NetSuite CRM enables customer relationship management in one cloud solution. The system ensures sales and marketing automation as well as customer service and support. NetSuite also includes management of sales performance, orders and partners. The CRM module easily integrates with ERP or e-commerce modules.
Real-time product, inventory and order preview in all sales channels allows companies to complete orders quickly and accurately. With tools for tracking inventory in multiple locations, determining re-ordering points, managing safety inventory and counting cycles, companies are able to keep inventory costs low while meeting customer expectations.
One of these key features is the demand planning module. It has been specifically designed to provide the user with the ability to predict required inventories based on historical demand or sales forecasts. This innovative tool offers the right balance between powerful functionality and ease of use to support efficient inventory management.
The NetSuite quality management solution has been designed to ensure the highest quality of products. Quality should be kept at a minimum load, regardless of the size and complexity of your company and product line.

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