Customer relationship management – CRM

NetSuite CRM enables customer relationship management in one cloud solution. The system ensures sales and marketing automation as well as customer service and support. NetSuite also includes management of sales performance, orders and partners. The CRM module easily integrates with ERP or e-commerce modules.

Automation of sales forces

customer relationship management Netsuite

NetSuite customer relationship management in sales allows real-time access to registers of potential and current customers, sales opportunities and orders. It allows to manage status, revenue, key contacts, notes and related documents. In addition, the system provides sales managers with a full view of all potential customers and opportunities. The solution also enables capturing detailed records of all interactions and supports the transformation of opportunities into offers and sales orders.

Reporting and analytics

Dashboards provide customized role-based reports to sales, marketing and service teams. All data are displayed in real time. NetSuite allows to measure sales results using personalized performance indicators. Additionally, it provides reports supporting sales and its goals. Sales goals can relate to allocation, forecasts, sales funnels or sales stages.

NetSuite also allows to monitor customer service indicators regarding order fulfillment times, customer satisfaction, subscription renewal and trends. It also allows to study marketing patterns, such as closeness rates to transaction finalization, the number of unique site visitors, lead generation trends, and customer acquisition costs.

Forecasting sales and demand

customer relationship management NetSuite

NetSuite supports building reliability, predictability and trust in the sales process. Users can categorize the type of transaction forecast to properly identify opportunities, offers and estimates. The system presents probability-based forecasts with adjustable weighted measurement of pending opportunities, offers and orders. This allows to analyze actual sales and recurring revenues in forecasts and deviations.

Sales, offer and order management

In NetSuite you can easily convert offers to approved sales orders and automatically process financial data. The system helps to create sales recommendations based on intelligent management and purchasing patterns. It also improves the accuracy of pricing and orders, including automatic tax calculations and shipping rates, pricing and discount policies. Thanks to automatic online approval and workflows, your company will speed up order management.

Customer relationship management – service and support

CRM from NetSuite provides a customer service center with a full view. This allows to automate your ticket management processes for assignment and escalation. In addition, you can track support requests by item, problem, case type, partner or customer. In addition, NetSuite allows you to enable online self-service by sending cases, tracking status and communication.

Marketing automation

customer relationship management Netsuite

You can automate multi-channel marketing campaigns and suit them with your sales activities. The system allows a quick response to maximize the value of opportunities. In addition, it automates the acquisition of potential customers from websites, search engines, direct mail and events. In NetSuite, you can create and send automatic promotional campaigns and email marketing. What is more, you can base sales marketing on historical purchasing patterns.

E-commerce in customer relationship management

NetSuite also has an e-commerce module that allows to create a single system for recording customer data, activities and transactions. Thanks to the solution you will be able to track every online interaction with potential customers. The system improves sales efficiency, providing better insight into recently viewed products or services. The implementation of the solution also allows to improve the quality of customer service, using real-time data integration between CRM and e-commerce.

Partner Relationship Management

In NetSuite you can fully control every element of cooperation with your partners. The system allows management of potential customers, joint marketing, sales planning, orders and commissions. As part of cooperation in the system, you can enable your partners to register, manage and track potential customers. What’s more, you get access to partner sales forecasts.

Mobile access

You can get access the most important business information in real time on mobile devices. NetSuite allows, using a phone or tablet, to view, enter and update key customer and sales data. It also enables you to easily send time and expense sheets and attach receipts. The system gives the ability to manage daily activities, tasks and connections from your smartphone.